I want to thank you again for the suggestion of Oregano oil, it has helped control my tooth pain until dental work is done. I have been told by several alternative dentists that sugar in the diet, refined or fruit, prevents the teeth from eliminating internal bacteria. By eliminating all kinds of sugar I have been able to control tooth pain.

Now for my questions:

  1. If zapping kills parasites, can processed food, including fast food, be zapped with the same effects?
  2. I find most health food stores carry only Black "green" walnut hull tincture in combination with a wormwood and clove tincture. Is this combination just as effective? I can't seem to get my daughter to swallow the capsules.
  3. Dave Hinkson from Water Oz has a calcium/ magnesium solution with angstrom size minerals that I have used to help eliminate some bone pain in my arthritis dilemma. (I cannot take dairy products.) Is Dr Clark aware of these products and if so what is her opinion of these mineral solutions?

    I feel more confident with her opinion.
  4. Over the last two years I have been drinking distilled water and found my clouded vision clearing up in addition to my kidney and gallstone pain disappearing. Does Dr Clark have any opinion recently regarding home distillers?

One last note, in our area, chelation therapy is catching on as an effective alternative to heart by-pass.


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