not to give you a lot to read but your flush has been very successful for me (very horrible to take but works every time) have just done my third flush and each time I get a table spoon full of pea sized stones out plus  hundreds of flat green and gung.

I have read else where that to hold a hot water bottle on the liver helps and

I think it does.

I have a question if you have time to answer. When I had my ultrasound it showed that in my Aorta I had cloistral (cholesterol?) stuck to it and do you have a recommendation on how I can remove this please? 

Again thank you so much as I am English but living on an island in Greece and the wait for an operation in the UK takes 9 to 12 months and many pain killers and antibiotics before you get the removal.

If this is the case in most places why not everyone at least try one flush to decide weather to have the operation or not.

I will send you details with a letter to my Doctor in the UK and here in Kefalonia in hopes that others will keep what they were born with.


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