Dear Hulda,

First, let me say thank you so much for sharing the liver cleanse with the world. It has made such a difference in my life! (While I still must do several more cleanses to rid myself of upper back pains permanently, but I'm so glad to have a non-surgical, non-drug alternative that's so effective. I know the liver cleanse is what kept me from having gall bladder surgery a few years ago, too!)

I have a question about the kidney cleanse. Is it possible to purchase the solution in a bottle from a trusted source? I have had zero luck finding hydrangea root and a few other of the ingredients. I know that I live in the midwest--which is not as far ahead as some places--but I could use some advice, please.

P.S. I just purchased the items for building a zapper--the Radio Shack guy was quite impressed that you had the parts numbers listed in your book!--and my husband is going to start putting it together this weekend as a "birthday gift" for me! Is it sufficient to just zap weekly without trying to find out exactly what pathogens I have? I mean, do you have to know the exact frequency of a parasite in order to get rid of it with a zapper--or will the zapper just do it all?? (I know you're a scientist, but I'm a gal just trying to get relief in the easiest, non-invasive way possible!)

Thanks so much.


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