Hi Cristina,

Thanks for the email. I apologise for not getting back to you earlier but I just received the email after returning from a family trip.

I really enjoyed the seminar and have learnt quite a lot. I have had a very irritated and itchy rash on my finger which seemed to get better and worse in waves for around a year. Dagmar had worked on it but neither of us could figure out what on earth was causing it. My husband then began to develop the same rash a couple of months ago. We thought it may have been the nappy changing etc so we started to use gloves for each change and the rash still remained. Having listened to you speak, I realised that it may be work related. We use alcohol wipes at work which we wrap around our two middle fingers to use. My husband used isopropyl alcohol at work to clean computer parts. So, I have eliminated any possibility of touching these and so far, so good. The rash has stayed away. Yay!!!

I am going to begin to implement the Dr Clark protocol gradually into our household. We watched a TV program last night which also supported the Dr Clark protocol and it all just seems to be such common sense. I am a little hyper paranoid about everything I put on or in my body now but it is good to be aware of what is in our environment.

I have one question though - My husband asked me how many drops of the homeographic drops we should be taking and how often. I couldn't find the answer. Can you help me with that one?

Thanks again Cristina. You are doing a brilliant job.


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