My mum and I did the liver cleanse last Friday night and my mum passed 109 stones and I passed a further 152 stones.  My mum even had an ultra sound back in England for gallstones and it came back clear but she still passed 109 stones, amazing hey.  We had no pain.  We also added 20 drops of walnut and did some zapping prior.  Something funny looking came out again which I think was a parasite.  It had black wiggly things coming out of it which looked like a stone.  I will try and get these stones tested for you.  Not sure how long it will take.

We ended up only taking 8 capsules of Epsom salts but it still worked ok.  Mum and I have both been using the zapper daily each morning since last Friday.  After we’ve done a week I was going to try mum on the arthritis driver but I tested it the other day and the program only goes for 5 mins then 1 min and then I think it does another 5mins, is this correct.  I thought it was 3 lots of 7 mins with 20mins break in between.  I also tested the eye driver, ezecma, crohn’s & allergy drivers and they all start with the 5 minute thing.  How long should we zapp for using these? 



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