I am a natural animal healer and often "treat" people as well, not that I am allowed to use the word as you know.

I recently was asked to see a child whose father was murdered in front of his children.

The son called Stephen has a "so called incurable disease" which causes his skin to peal all over his body. It took me 30 seconds to realise that he has aluminium poisoning. His mom was on a drip for 5 days whilst pregnant with him. This caused her skin to peal on the bends of her arms, feel and hands. Stephen was born premature with all his skin like this. The following is my diagnosis and treatment that he has been on for 5 days now. (The Epstein Bar Virus was dead after 3 x 7 minute sessions on the Zapper and the tapeworm is gone after five days.) 5 year-old child with skin disorder where his skin flakes off constantly. He has to have his head shaven or else it clogs up with skin flakes. He cannot sweat at all and goes into a fit with convulsions if he gets too hot. His skin is bright red and gets redder as he gets hotter from his inability to sweat. The skin on his face is so taught that he cannot close his eyelids to sleep.

When asked to spit into a test tube, he could not raise even a little phlegm and constantly drinks copious amounts of water. His urine is yellow in colour but may be due to the vitamins he is on. Stool “normal” according to his mother.

The cause appears to have been from a drip his mother was put on before he was born. She developed similar symptoms on her hands and feet as well as in the bends of her arms where the skin just peeled off. This re-accures annually around the time Stephen was born. (I have seen this in three other cases that were on drips!)


Aluminium poisoning
Epstein Bar virus
Tapeworm causing:
Pancreatic imbalance resulting in blood- sugar imbalance


Aluminium 30 1 x daily (watch for bad reaction and stop if he reacts to it.
Start again after symptoms have subsided)

All Phos remedies as combination in 12x
3 X daily. (Amm, Calc, Fer, Kali, Mag, Nat Phos)

Wormstop- twice daily for six days.
Black walnut 3 X daily
Clove 3 X daily
Wormwood 1 X daily
Zapper- Three sessions of 7min each 3 X in one day

This child is now running around like never before (after 5 days treatment) and his skin is cracking rather than pealing and the inflammation has come down. One can now see that he does have a knee now!

Thanks to your unbelievable work and dedication, I was able to assist Stephen. Well done Hulda. I wish I could afford to come and train under you.



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