Having done all the cleanses myself,  and about 10 liver cleanses, and  felt the benefits, I finally persuaded my mother (aged 76) to start them as well. 

It was very hard work, but now she is on maintenance  cleanses, and has completed 4 liver cleanses.   All I can say is that  if a very sick elderly woman of 76 can do it, and get miraculous results, then anyone else who has considered starting them, but hasn't  had the motivation to actually do it, should realise they have no excuse, not to help themselves. 

My mum has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an anurysm on her aorta, Emphysema, Asthma, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her wrists, she has had multiple mini strokes (TIA's) over the past 2 years,  and the last one was a full blown stroke that left her paralysed on the left side of her face, and left  arm, unable to talk or swallow properly, with her facial  muscles changed to change the shape of her face. 

She was housebound, could  barely walk for more than a few minutes at a time,  and barely able to  catch her breath.  Now all stroke symptoms have stopped, she can go out  on her own for 20 minute walks, her breathing has improved enough to reduce some of her inhaler drugs.  (this was also helped with a Professor Buteyko breathing coach, teaching her to stop over breathing)

For anyone who does need that extra bit of a push, I took my mum to see a classical homeopath.  (not to be confused with modern homeopathy) the right remedy will change your mental outlook, and open you up to the idea of wanting to be healed.

My mums character changed overnight, and returned to the witty, chatty personality my family had not known in about 5 years.  Her illnesses had made her moody, complaining and unhappy, and not any fun to be around. 

The only way to find out if something works, is to try it on yourself, then you can tell others about your experiences.

Thank you Dr Clark for changing our lives.   I wish that I could have had this knowledge before my dad died of cancer, but 15 years ago you were still researching, you books had not even been published yet.


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