Dear, Dr. Clark,

I want to personally thank you. I hope this email gets to you. I have been restored. I am 41y male and find it hard to believe that I haven’t done this before now. I have been suffering for ten years about with gall bladder trouble.

I have been to several MDs and they told me that removing the gall bladder was the only thing that would work because I had sludge in the bladder.

So I go in pain for another 3 years and then different diets still with pain after I eat.

I finally tried your cleanse for the gall bladder or liver.

I was amazed at what happened. I can not till now believe it is true.

It’s gone. All the stones that came out, Wow I did not know my gall bladder was that big. I did not keep all of them just one about the size of a marble but there were many, many more. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know it works and it works well.

I took a melatonin before I went to bed and slept well. In the morning about 5:00 My body started expelling these stones dark green stones. The only painful part was pulling my knee up to my chest , but I slept that way. A little uncomfortable, but not bad.

I want to thank you for something that I thought was too far gone.

Why is this like this? I know that it is about money but So many people could keep there gall bladder, an organ that is needful to the body.

I truly think that I am well now Praise The Lord!. This is the first day I have felt this good in TEN years. I actually ate a real meal without that pain in my back under the ribcage and in the neck.

Thank you Dr Clark. Thank you. thank you.

I Feel Great, Thanks again,


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