Thanks so very much for the info.  I will make my own Black Walnut Hull Tincture in the fall when the nuts are available, or next time I purchase I will get the product from New Action Products as suggested in sources.

We will follow the 6 week kidney cleanse as recommended, then the liver cleanses.  I was not sure what to be looking for so I appreciate your clarification.

I tested my home-made Zapper at work on an O-scope.  The square waves are clean and positive.  The frequency and voltage were in the range described in the text.

I zapped my dog Saturday night.  He was reluctant of course.  On the second zap session he drifted off in a sleeplike state.  He resisted the 3rd session. 

The next morning he had 2 huge bowel movements.  He never does this. Of course the zapper did something good for his bowel.

I zapped 2 opposite sides of my face yesterday while wearing rubber gloves.  I have had a sinus problem for a couple of years.  I could feel the healing in my sinuses as I zapped.  Such a wonderful therapy!

Best regards,

"D L"

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