l would like to testify the benefits I have obtained with Dr. Clark’s liver  flush.

After a month of zapper, in the month of October 2011, I do a liver flush as per Dr.Clark’s recipe with the epsom salt, olive oil and fresh lemons instead of grapefruit and without ornithine. Since 1996  I suffer from vasomotor rhinitis, I have constant colds, my nasal passages were closed all year round. 

I consulted several doctors, I did allergy tests, I wandered far and wide with no results apart from the use of cortisone.

I did the liver flush, as per Dr. Clark’s recipe and I expelled incredibly many green, several brown and other semitransparent  liver stones, of various sizes from a few mm to 2.5 - 3.0 cm!

Through this procedure I immediately had  benefits.   Initially my rhinitis totally disappeared! The nasal passages were more free and my cold was gone. The nasal secretions disappeared.  But after  a month of  improvement  my cold returned.

The protocol recommends to repeat the liver flush considering the  number of large stones  present in the liver , and therefore a few days ago on  Jan. 4th, 2012, I repeat my second cleanse expelling many stones of medium/big size all green (see photos below) . The days following the flush I notice an improvement in my rhinitis. In the near future I will do other cleanses  in the hope that my rhinitis disappear forever, I include photos as evidence.



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