Firstly I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has carryied on Dr Clark's work. Wow, good on you.

I would like to ask some questions, for two reasons; for my own health issues, and also because I am writing a book about my healing experiences, with the Dr Clark liver cleanses being a big part of that. I sincerely appreciate any answers you may be able to provide.

Over the past year I have done the liver cleanse fortnightly or monthly. I have removed around 800 stones, many of them pea sized, and many of them around four or five times that size. My health has improved enormously since the cleanses. I was extremely unwell for a year or two with no answers from the mainstream medical profession. I still have many symptoms which are persisting though, and I don't know if it is still more stones, or possibly something else. I have a lot of cramping in the liver area which extends through my back, shoulers and neck, and down my right leg, particularly an hour or two after eating. I also have a burning sensation in my chest/stomach and tingling in the end of my tongue - all worse an hour or two after eating.

My main questions are;

Do you think these syptoms may be caused by stones in the liver?

Would the stones that I am getting out have been there for a long time, or are they being produced again before the next cleanse?

Twenty or more years of food allergies and fatigue are gone. Thank goodness for Dr Clark. I will do what I can to promote her work as I write and publish my book.

I sincerely appreciate any help you can give me,


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