Dear Readers,

UVEITISTwo years ago, I was diagnosed with uveitis in my left eye. My eye doctor sent me to an eye specialist in order to understand the cause. But this was not the case. No medication helped either. My sight worsened. I was threatened with blindness. If the cortisone treatment would not have yielded any positive results, the hospital would then plan to operate me.  It was then that I heard from a naturopath from Viersen called Heike Siemes who worked according to Dr. Clark protocols. I wanted to give her a try. After testing my saliva with the syncrometer, she noticed that in the past I had had toxoplasmosis and that it was still present in my eye in a latent form. She treated me according to Dr. Clark’s protocols with the parasite cleanse.

At my next check-up in the hospital, they noticed that my eyesight had increased from 30% to 70%. The doctors were not interested in the alternative procedure that I did. I am convinced that since one year and a half of cortisone yielded no positive results, Dr. Clark’s procedure deserves all the merit.

In conclusion, I can say that thanks to Frau Siemes, the operation is not necessary anymore and my eyesight continues to improve.

SZ, Remschied, Germany

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