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Who was Dr. Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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To: Dr. Clark

I was diagnosed with HIV infection two years ago via ELISA/western blot assays.  I have since tested negative for every consecutive PCR test since beginning Dr Clark's benzene, parasite & liver cleanups.

I take ionic silver (500 ppm/day) along with these; however, I am uncertain which is better.  I ionize the silver using hydrogen peroxide 17.5% three times daily in drinking water.  I have never requested another antibody test because I know that I do not have HIV. 

But as you are well aware, people are ignorant and refuse to believe that I can be negative.  Isn't having a negative PCR considered a negative result for HIV infection via orthodox medicine?  And is it possible to convert my antibody status down the road?

I would appreciate your professional explanation at your convenience.  I am a clinical pharmacist, but I am a huge advocate of Dr. Clark.

Thank you for your time


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