Sir: Thankyou so much for your following up with this email after I ordered Black Walnut and cloves. I have my own wormwood at home.

It seems appropriate to state my first experience with the parasite cleanse.

My blood sugar was fluctuating terribly for 3 or 4 years. My wife was tired of it and so was I, but could not find a solution. I have been in natural food and healing for over 40 years.

I was perplexed and had no answer. Then we tried the cleanse. On the third day my sugar stablized so abruptly I thought something was wrong. I worried the herbs were possibly

impacting me negatively. I continued, but was paying close attention to my condition. On the 5th day I realized was happened!! My sugar had been level for two days and it seemed

abnormal because of the past roller coaster ride I was having. Then I reread the research of Dr. Clark. She said the parasites would die on the third day!! I think the worms take longer

but can you imagine how thankful I was?

My thanks to such a courageous woman.


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