RE: Second hepatitis patient

In the past we reported that Herb Slavin, M.D., of Fort Lauderdale, treated a hepatitis B & Cwith nothing but Silver 100 and within 90 days the patient viral load measurements dropped from many millions to entirely normal (see the attached).

Herb has now informed us that he has had second hepatitis patient (I believe hep C) using only Silver 100. While it has been more than 90 days and complete success has not as yet been achieved, the results are nonetheless remarkable. He tells us the viral count has dropped from in the 7 million range to the 2 million range, and is still dropping.

These are the only two hepatitis patients he has been treating with Silver 100 for a significant length of time. He told me he has started others on the protocol but within a short amount of time they felt perfectly fine and saw no need to continue with it, giving little regard to the numbers in lab test results.


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