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To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to protest the imprisonment of Dr. Hulda Clark for "practising medicine without a license". It is ironic, indeed outrageous, that the laws which are designed to protect the public from medical malpractice are in this instance keeping the public from the most important medical breakthrough there has ever been.

It is true that Dr. Clark is not a medical doctor. She has a doctorate in physiology and is a naturalpathic physician. She does not perform surgery, nor does she prescribe drugs. She does diagnosis of pathogens and toxins in the body and recommends certain methods of treatment. She also does not practice medicine in the United States so far as I know. Her clinic is in Mexico and therefore should be out of the jurisdiction of the United States government.

I became familiar with Dr. Clark's research by reading her book "The Cure for All Diseases". While the title sounded like an exaggeration at best, after following the recommendations in her book, I have come to realize that her methods of healing produce results that come very close to the title of her book.

I have had asthma, allergies and hay fever all my life and have gone to AMA approved doctors for many years. These doctors provided me with little relief from my condition. But because of Dr. Clark's research and her book, I was able to treat myself and indeed cure myself of most of the medical problems I had. I haven't used my inhaler in 3 years and I haven't needed to go to an allergist in three years either. In short I have never been healthier in all my life and I have Dr. Clark to thank for that.

As an American citizen we should be free to choose the kind of medical services we prefer. I will do what ever I can to fight those that try to imprison Dr. Clark and keep her from her research. She is the one doctor that has succeeded in curing me.

The doctors that should be in prison are all those AMA approved doctors that took my money without giving me a cure!


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