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I understand that Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark has been arrested in San Diego and is being held in prison awaiting extradition to Indiana, where she is charged with "practising medicine without a license."

In 1992-93, my wife, three children, and I all made a number of visits to Dr. Clark's office, which was then located in Nashville, Indiana. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, my wife had severe asthma and allergies, and my children were suffering from a variety of minor ailments. My chronic fatigue syndrome was so bad that I could barely function, and I almost lost my job. Dr. Clark's testing and suggestions enabled me to recover within a few months and hold on to my job; they also helped my family a great deal.

At that time, Dr. Clark had not yet published her books (The Cure for HIV and AIDS, The Cure for All Cancers, and The Cure for All Diseases). As they were published I bought them and eagerly devoured their contents. In them I found innumerable suggestions for improving health, based on Dr. Clark's original scientific researches. These suggestions have been of inestimable benefit to me, my family, my friends, and my associates.

Dr. Clark is a scientist with a Ph.D. and a strong scientific research background, as well as a naturopath. Her suggestions for health are based on her scrupulous scientific work, which she has published in her books for all to see. I am a supporting member because I believe that it is important for society to scientifically test all of Dr. Clark's discoveries, so that they can become more widely known and accepted.

The charge of "practising medicine without a license" is presumably based on the opinions and definitions of the American Medical Association, who claim a monopoly on medical treatment in this country. The fact that almost half the medical transactions in this country are now through "alternative" medical practitioners (according to Newsweek last year) indicates that the AMA is failing to fulfil its mission of providing adequate and affordable healthcare. People are simply turning elsewhere. Enforcing AMA's monopoly will not help the millions of people who are benefiting from alternative medicine. We need to test the alternative treatments and publicize the successful ones. In the case of Dr. Clark, her researches are indeed "alternative" in the sense that they are not supported by the AMA, but they are based on scientific work that can be tested and verified by others. Prosecuting her removes a brilliant researcher from her work, and does a disservice to the American public.

What do we have to lose? Our freedom to practice scientific research and our freedom to choose our own medical treatment. These are essential freedoms in the American of today. Please say "yes" to freedom and justice.

Free Dr. Clark. 

Rev DL PhD

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