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Oct. 2006 a dengue fever epidemic struck the Cook Islands. 

Our Public Health Dept. took a do nothing approach and maintained that there was no cure for this disease.  They simply took blood samples from the people who came to hospital and gave out pain relief tablets with no information or advice.  This is their usual manner when dengue strikes on an average of once every 4 years in this country. 

They published statistics that well over 1,000 people had visited hospital confirmed with dengue; at least twice as many did not bother to go to hospital.

At Better Health Research Centre we decided to treat this disease during this latest epidemic.  Reasoning that dengue is similar to malaria we tried the tropical disease driver with biowave frequency generator. 

The results were spectacular as we found that one treatment knocked out the accompanying fever and with the help of vitamin C powder the  immune system recovered quickly. 

We learned that dengue sufferers are susceptible to bacterial, fungal, and mold blooms in their bodies due to immune system weakness. 

Therefore we advised them to stay away from large groups of people and keep a very clean body and environment or risk catching a virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.  Common bacteria, common fungi, and other drivers were used to alleviate these problems. 

After effects of skin problems with rash around mid section similar to shingles and pealing of layers of skin from feet were lessened by treatment with tropical driver. 

When dengue was detected by zincrometer prior to appearance of symptoms; one treatment with tropical driver kept any symptoms from occurring. 

We successfully treated several 100 dengue patients over a 7 month period.


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