babesia - gone!
ehrlichia - gone!
Lyme - almost gone!

Boy do I feel the difference. This technology really does work and you all should be commended for fighting to get this out to the public.

You've given me hope that I will fully recover from chronic Lyme and co-infections.  I already feel so much better.

Rest assured I'm not going to keep quiet about this stuff working. People need to know how fantastically this stuff really works.

If you want anything from me like a video testimonial or something feel free to contact me

Once people find out you all will be heroes



#1 Help!Runyon
2021-03-11 22:16
Can you please share what you did? I got a tick bite at my Mother's funeral last May and was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis. Since then I have dealt with all sorts of issues, mostly stomach and skin now. I don't know what to do. I have the VariBase 2.0 zapper and it helps, but the stomach issues are awful.
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