This letter is in protest of the arrest of a wonderful doctor, Dr. Hulda Clark. I feel one of the few "Doctors" left who truly believes, practices, and genuinely cares about the health and lives of her patients.

The world is fortunate to have her. The many lives she has saved, and the education of many more of us. Although, I wasn't suffering from a life threatening illness, I feel I was guided to Dr. Clark by God to be able to avoid just that.

I suffered since I was 12 years old, I am now 39, with daily migraine headaches, which were crippling at times. After reading Dr. Clark's books, and following her protocol, I am now migraine free.

I thank God, I found her, and was able to cure myself. The other "Doctors" I went to could do nothing for me. Also my husband, daughter, parents, and myself have had gallbladder trouble which I'm sure the other "Doctors" would want to remove. Finding my gallbladder an organ I don't really need. Are these the people we call educated? Heaven help us all!

Anyway, after doing Dr. Clark's liver cleanse we are five people who's lives have greatly improved. The other things that are of a smaller degree are too many to write about, and explain to you, but I know how much she has done for us, and I will be eternally grateful. This is a sad day for all of us. Yet, more freedoms taken away. I certainly hope the powers that be will be comfortable, when they have to answer for the terminally ill that Dr. Clark cannot help while she sits in a prison cell.

These other physicians are "doctors", but Dr. Clark is a HEALER! May God watch over her, and keep her.

Our prayers are with her,


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