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It was great hearing from you. Dr. S. is really a sweetheart and has been a great support for me in the past. Unfortunately I don't see very much of him anymore since we've been following Dr. Clark's cleansing programs. He said if all his patients got on the "program" he wouldn't have many patients left. Even he was amazed with my progress. However the BIG improvement was with our daughter, K.

Let me tell you a little about her. All through her life she has had stomach and colon problems. They kept getting worse and worse. We took her to medical doctors of all specialities in hopes of finding someone that could help her. She would have, what we started referring to as, "attacks". These started in her teen years. The pain in her abdomen was so severe that she would lie on the floor in a foetal position and cry in pain. We would rush her to the emergency unit. She could not walk; we would have to carry her. They could never find anything wrong and after a while, the pain would subside and we would take her home. She would vacillate between bouts of diarrhoea and constipation. She was such a happy, talented girl that our hearts would break for her when we saw her in such pain. She was always very small and very attractive, as well as a talented vocalist. She had so much going for her and yet suffered so from these "mysterious" attacks. She also started experiencing severe migraines in her senior year of high school, through college and into her adult years. Over the years, the attacks and the migraines came more frequently making her afraid to go anywhere. This was really difficult since in twenties she had become a national speaker, travelling frequently. She trained herself to give seminars with migraines. She was successful but miserable because of her physical condition.

After she got married, she and her husband moved to Las Vegas. Her condition continued to worsen until she stopped eating altogether because she could not process food at all. She was getting desperate. She got down to 100 pounds and we became very worried about her. One day a friend told her about a Dr. Milne, who was quite well known and who had specialized in liver conditions. He had written a couple of books, including one on migraine headaches. Even though he was a MD, he studied and dispensed homeopathic medicine. She went to see him and he told her that the migraines were from her liver and after testing her said that she was allergic to almost all foods--all dairy, flour, sugar, wheat, soy, etc.

Her liver was not functioning at all.

He gave her some liver medicine and put her on a strict diet. There was so little she could eat that she had a woman prepare her food specially for her without including any of the foods she was allergic to. She still looked so frail because of her food restrictions. She held tight to her diet just to survive. Also during this time, she found a colonic therapist that started working with her. For the first few times she went to her, the therapist was amazed that she could not get anything to come out.

Then in April, K. and her husband moved back to Colorado Springs. She sought out a colonic therapist here and it just happens that the therapist she found believed that physical problems came from parasites. She gave her a tincture to help kill them and K. started passing small parasites. She was so amazed at seeing these parasites, she urged me and my husband to go. Well, before I would do anything so drastic as getting a colonic, I had to know more about it. So I got on the Internet and put in the words "colon" and "parasite". Dr. Hulda Clark's name kept coming up over and over. So we went out and got her book, "The Cure for All Diseases". I immediately ordered three of the parasite cleanse packages. Because of a mix-up, we only got one at first and I gave it to my daughter and got her started. I also ordered a zapper. K. started both, along with a Super Colon Cleanser.

She started getting amazing results. Just after using the zapper, she passed an 8 inch liver worm about 1 inch in diameter. Then they just started coming daily. She got another liver worm with a HUGE blood fluke suckered to it. When she went to her next colonic, she passed many, many blood flukes, each about the size of a quarter. Then later at home, she passed a 40 inch worm with a diameter a little larger than a pencil. It has been three months, and she is still passing worms--- lots of them and many quite large. She is on the maintenance program but is doing the other cleansing programs, one at a time. Weekend before last, she did the liver cleanse and passed a lot of toxins as well as 600 or so stones. Her stones were dark, dark green, almost black. She called me from Washington State today (she has a speaking engagement there) and she says she feels terrific.

About 2 weeks after she started on Dr. Clark's programs, she found she could now eat everything and she has no migraines or attacks. She is a new person! However, the thing she is most delighted with is the fact that she is ovulating. She has been trying to get pregnant for the past 2.5 years but tests showed she wasn't ovulating.

Shortly after she started Dr. Clark's program and just after the first 2 liver worms came out along with all the blood flukes, she could feel her body changing mid-month. We finally figured out that she was ovulating!!

She and her husband didn't want her to become pregnant during the cleansings so they took precautions.

However after the liver cleanse, she felt she was ready and so she tested herself mid-month and sure enough, she was ovulating. She was so excited. It is too soon to know if she is pregnant but she is confident that it won't be long.

My heart is so happy for her. She is such a joy and has blessed so many others in her short 29 years. Thank you, Dr. Clark, for giving her life back to her. Our prayers have been answered! She has gained weight and even though worms continue to come out of her, she feels she has certainly been blessed.

Our own testimonies pale to hers, but my husband and I have gotten great results also. My husband passed a 24" liver worm. I have passed many, many lung flukes (and continue to do so) and no longer have trouble speaking in the mornings because of phlegm in my lung and throat. Diabetes has always run in my family ( I was even pre-diabetic when pregnant with my children). I passed many pancreatic flukes so I am quite confident that I won't suffer from diabetes.

We are telling many of our friends who have been experiencing severe physical problems and they have had phenomenal results. A son of one of our friends was so sick that he had even contemplated suicide. Only K. could convince him to try this alternative treatment. After a week, he called me to say that he had gotten his life back. He was only 29 and for the first time in many years, he felt like it. Another friend of K.'s who has been diagnosed with brain cancer at 29 years listened to K. and is now in touch with Dr. Clark's staff. She has been using the zapper and following the parasite-cleansing program along with chemo. Hopefully, she will experience wonderful results too.

I hope this as inspiring to you as it has been to us. Please pass our thanks on to Dr. Clark.


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