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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 13:17:50 -0800 (PST)

Personally, I am doing fantastic.

If you ask Sally, my voice has improved greatly.

I also today reduced another medication from 300 milligrams to 0.

The feeling in my legs and torso has improved 1000 percent.

David, I will walk and it will be a miracle that has been made possible by Dr. Clark. Just have faith that this is not a game but reality.

When I said I will walk, I meant it and will; it may not as soon as I would like, but the final outcome is definite.

There is no room for retreat; I have a final destination and that will be that I walk.

You joke about celebrity. That, I do not really care about.

All I care about is to help individuals with neurological conditions, autoimmune diseases and to prove Dr. Clark's  protocols.

You are well aware of the lies that society has been subject to do to the greed of our world.

I'm going to be the one to prove Dr. Clark, her theories, the powers of electronic medicine, homeography and just what chemicals and pollution are doing to our health and the planet .

I also visited with my neurologist on December 23rd . He is a world-renowned researcher in the field of Multiple Sclerosis.

I think this was the first time he never offered me a new medication.

He also mentioned I was an inspiration. This was a huge statement for a man who has worked with Multiple Sclerosis patients for over 40 years. He has probably has never seen an individual recover from Multiple Sclerosis and I am going to. I will make you proud as well as Dr. Clark. I promise.

I'm doing everything within my powers to recover and get my life back.

I'm going to upset many people, as many people as I am going to make happy. Just have faith. And I mean business.

Greed has taken almost ten years from my life.

Someone has to stand up for Dr. Clark, for the millions worldwide who needlessly suffer


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