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I'm 35 and live South of France. 5 years ago after various falls, each caused by a blockage of my right leg, followed by dizziness and gradual loss of my eyesight, MS was diagnosed.

The plaques were present in my lombar spinal marrow and in the brain in both hemispheres. I lived in terror with the thought of being in a wheelchair.

Aware that Interferon was not a solution and having personally experienced the side-effects of it, I decided to look for other solutions.

We found G5 (an organic silica of Loic Le Ribault) and I became vegetarian following a diet free of oil and avoiding monosodium glutammate.

Thanks to this, in a little less than a year, the plaques in the lombal spine disappeared, but the ones in the brain were still present and active and with every crisis (about 3 or 4 a year of which the one that I would get in August was always the strongest and devastating due to the heat), my condition worsened forcing me to take Cortison in order control my legs especially my right leg which I would have to drag along after less than 1 km of walking, not to mention my eyesight which worsened with every crisis forming like a cloud of opaque colours.

About a year ago, I found out about the Zapper of Dr. Clark and on your website I noticed there was a specific key for my sickness besides others for viruses, parasites and bacteria. After 2 weeks of zapping I already felt a difference. I could now walk 4 kilometers before my leg would start to act up.

Today I can cope with life with serenity since I haven't had a crisis for the whole year, not even the mostly feared one in August!.

What saddens me is that my first neurologist that treated my case, even though aware of the disappearing of the plaques in my spine and of improvement thanks to the zapper, instead of being happy for my progress, has started to blackmail me, refusing to do any further diagnostic tests if I don't accept to treat myself with Interferon.

This sceptical, narrow-minded mentality from the medical side has forced me to change doctor very often. But it doesn't matter.

Thanks to Dr. Clark I am conquering my health back and my hope of a long serene life knowing that there will not be any wheelchair or crutches waiting for me.

Thank you Dr Clark.

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