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Dear Cristina,

I was given your name by a lady I befriended at the Dr. Clark Research Association ,and she said that I should ask you the questions that she was not able or in some cases allowed to answer. I would really appreciate your input and possibly your thought's on this matter. Thank you in advance.

For about 3 1/2 to 4 yrs. now I've been trying to deal with a seizure disorder that I picked up 13 yrs. ago at the age of 42.

I am a male, medium to small build, that worked in a garbage company with a fleet of about 100 trucks or more. I was the preventative maintenance mechanic at the time. I changed oil in all trucks, changed all fluids when necessary, antifreeze, motor oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, battery acid, parts cleaner, and you can see where this is going,

I was in all kinds of hazardous, toxic, and sometimes deadly components of the work field. Besides all these things, was also the parasites that garbage trucks breed with their existence.

Now back to Dr. Clark, and her therapy's. I have been trying to cure myself of this seizure disorder, (because the Doctors in this country say there is no cure, so take drugs) by killing parasites, doing kidney flushes, doing liver flushes, zapping, and taking many, many,  different types of herbs prescribed by Dr. Clark. While doing these body cleanses, and body flushes. While trying to kill the parasite that causes seizures, with protocol and zapper.

I accidentally got rid of a 20 -22 yr. bout with ulcerative colitis, a small miracle in itself.

The seizure disorder has improved very much, in as much as the seizures have decreased in number, they have decreased in severity, they are less frequent, less violent, and generally speaking they are less of a curse, less of an embarrassing situation, but the bottom line is the seizures are still there, controlling my life, and my freedoms.

I've had some success with Dr. Clark's mop up program. The Seizures left for about a week only to return, and let me know that my efforts were not successful.

I am between a rock and a hard spot. My family has all but given up on me. They have quit coming around to visit, the seizure disorder has destroyed many a friendship, and has greatly limited if not destroyed my income earning ability. Enough about crying in my present and in my past.

My question to you is what if anything can I do to kill these parasites in the brain that are causing seizures. I have just recently purchased a duration chip for my zapper that runs for an hour straight at the exact frequency of the ascaris lumbrocoides, which Dr. Clark says are always present in seizures candidates. I haven't had it long enough to prove it's ability positive or negative.

If there's anything that you think I should be doing, that I haven't done, please feel free to return my e-mail with your suggestions, for I would be greatly appreciative of your wisdom.

I would like to thank you in advance for your considerations. I do not have a syncrometer, and do not enjoy it's benefits. I have all her books  (Dr. Clark), I have a portable ozone machine, a zapper, and I've done all her body flushes, with some success, curing health ailments that I didn't even know I had.

Dr. Clark is a true blessing to mankind, it's too bad her protocols are not medically accepted in this country. Penna.,U.S.A.

Thank you again for your wisdom on this matter. Keep up this blessing to mankind, for as mankind seeks the truth, this wisdom will forever become more popular.

May God Bless you, Dr. Clark and all naturopaths, keep up the good work!

"L G"

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