We are really desperate and do not know how what to do. My father had his rightside lymph node removed in an operation, besides he had to undergo several chemotherapies and since the radiation was too strong for him,  he developed a necrosis inside his mouth. This necrosis cannot be treated since it is not possible for him to open his mouth. The necrosis continued and a new tumor developed which did not respond to the renewed chemotherapy treatment. This treatment had to be less intense since my father was very weak. Last summer, he had to be nourished by naso-gastric tube. Since October last year, nothing was done except the chemotherapy which had only a palliative effect, and a kind of radiotherapy to suppress the severe pain. Also, he had to get morphine.

When I heard of Dr. Clark, I bought her books and have since become very enthusiatic about them.  For a whole month now, my father did not have to take any more morphine, he only takes Oregano oil and cloves. His pain is gone. We started at once with the parasite cure and the kidney- and liver cleanse. After one week, the necrosis in his mouth had disappeared miraculously, only he felt very weak and exhausted and suffered from low oxygen. So we asked our physician for a blood count. 

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