Dear Dr. Albicocchi,

my name is Claudia and it is many years that I follow Dr. Clark’s protocols. I have also participated at seminars and meetings and  have always used Dr. Clark’s cleanses. However up to now I have never had experienced miraculous healings or manifestations on myself as the ones I have read on the internet or heard from friends.

Last summer my father was diagnosed with Parkinson. My father, a pilot and  still young (63 years old) is a very dynamic person and full of energy but his face was starting to show the grimaces  of those that suffer from this chronic neurological illness.  It 'sbeen a battle  to send  him on his own without my mom for the detox weekend organized by you in September. The result was amazing. In only 6 days my father changed completely.  He no longer had spots on his face, the gray veil on his face disappeared completely, he was moving his articulations very well and his paralyzed hand that he was not able to use anymore was functioning perfectly. It seemed like a dream. We must really thank you and your staff for believing in Dr Clark’s protocols and for making these effective protocols available to all. Continue in your fight  for making Dr. Clark’s protocols available! Do not stop. Thank you


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