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I am writing to you out of dire need, but also to birth an idea that can benefit everyone.

There is a protozoan parasite that has recently been found in felines that previously was thought to be only a Bovine parasite, Tritrichimonas foetus.

They have no cure for our precious Cat friend/family members and a treatment that is hard to acquire of an unapproved drug that Vets have to apply for special use on Cattery cats(not approved for companion animals or livestock). Many Vets are not even aware of this parasite and do not know how to test for nor how to recognise it under a microscope. The Breeder community is better informed than most vet offices right now (because I and many of my friends hit the cat chat groups to educate and warn other breeders).Here are 4 articles that I circulate to breeder friends: (available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)….

I have built a shoebox zapper years ago for my children when we were suffering from chronic strep and they wanted to cut out all our tonsils and it got rid of the strep without surgery. Since then my precious children tore up the zapper playing doctor with it. I had been too busy to build another

(I am the mother of 6 children, a cattery owner and a Restauranteer) and our health is improved now. I have 2 precious cats who have this and some kittens born to one of them and I am not going to put them down. My proposal to you is, if you will build your little Zapper with a collar or harness you will get hundreds of orders for them. Also a thought might be the foot pads inside a small petcrate (What do you think?). I have written articles for pet magazines and have tons of animal lover friends, not to mention the breeders alone. My Vet is my good friend (we are in Bible fellowship class together) and would recommend this to her clients to treat this infection.

The implications are immense because one of the best markets today is the pet product industry and most reputable breeders are going holistic now. (I myself am purchasing a colidal silver maker in the near future, but this is ahead of that priority though) 50% of my breeder friends already have colidal silver makers.

I make my own Black Walnut extract and sell it to my friends (at cost).  I do not want any money from this and not even recognition unless you want to mention my name as drawing your attention to this real need for our animal friends.

I just want to acquire these zapper units in collar or harness form for my cats. I will shave all my breeders under the neck and rotate their wearing theses units till all parasite infections disappear.

Instead of poisoning them with wormers I can rotate the collar among them from now on. I have 30 close breeder friends who have ask me to notify them if you respond positively to my request.

There is a great need for this with our pets and most people would be more likely to purchase this for their pets (do you know how much wormer is sold for animals each year?) than themselves (although all people agree that animals need worming, most Americans would never admit that they themselves may need worming...too proud).

If they see how this works for their pets they too may start to use it (especially if you sent an educational pamphlets with their purchase) resulting in more sales and orders for you. I pray you will respond positively to my cry for help, I ask not only for myself but for many breeders who have this problem as well.

With this unit we would be able to provide supremely healthy pets to our clients and education to the common person. You would be the first that I know of to do this for pets. You could call it    "Pet ParaZapinator".


"S N-A"

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