I have just visited the site www.drclark.net and I see that you are translating it into French, which I think is great.

After being a veterinarian (ENVL in Lyon) and research scientist at the University of Paris VI, I have been director of wildlife documentaries for international televisions for nearly 20 years (you can visit my site www.jeanyvescollet.com if you wish).

I have been a researcher in parasitology for the University of Paris VI for several years: I studied the parasites of orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo and those of gorillas and chimpanzees in Gabon. This was about comparing parasitism in wild animals and those in captivity (in reintroduction centers, medical research centers, zoos).

The conclusion of my studies was that all big apes, whether wild or captive, were carriers of many parasites, but the diseases caused by these parasites were detectable only on captive animals. At the time, I attributed these parasitic diseases to the conditions of captivity: stress, inappropriate food (cooked ...) and the propensity of the great apes to catch parasites from humans. I had not thought about the debilitating role of solvents and other pollutants of human origin in their diet or living environment ... Dr. Clark’s enlightening research is particularly interesting in this regard.

After 20 years spent running the tropical regions of our planet in order to produce documentaries, I found myself more and more tired in recent years, to the point of no longer digesting anything... except sunflower sprouts. I had become intolerant to milk and wheat gluten. I must tell you that after my first liver cleanse and one anti-parasite treatment, I already feel much better (like I haven’t been for many years) and I can drink almost a litre of milk per day and eat a little bread ... And this, after trying numerous naturopathic techniques without much success, I can tell you.

In addition to the positive effects I feel, I have just read three books by Dr. Clark as well as Mr. Baklayan’s book with great interest.

I find these theories very interesting, and I'm about to complete my equipment, especially with the acquisition of a Syncrometer  and of the different bottles.

My schedule does not leave me much time available, but I am using it right now for studying the writings of Dr. Clark that fascinate me. As I see you are in the midst of translating into various languages, including French, I can give you a hand by proofreading translations for you, if you're interested. I saw some inaccuracies in the parts already translated into English, such as "versatile", which does not translate to "versatile" in French but to "polyvalent". My level of scientific English is good, and I have already translated a book from American English to French for the Hatier editions in France. So please do not hesitate to send me translations: I could possibly give you my opinion.

Best regards, wishing you a good continuation in your work,


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