I believe, She saved my life.

When doctor said “you have a cancer” all about MRI test… I sincerely believed. The urologist, want to remove my kidney without biopsy. He said “it is solid tumor and you are in a risk it can spreading on left kidney.”

It ‘s took a time until one of my friends said why you do not going for second opinion.

I made biopsy test and it show the tumor is benign, but until biopsy test I already started to treat myself by doctor Clark books.

I removed Metal from my mouth ( actually I have a  dentures now ).

Until now I feel  very ill, the doctors caused me a lot of stress ,actually they made me feel very ill. I prayed God would let me die.

I detoxed for already long time. I am now much better, but still I stressed

(I cannot get my bowl movement because of stress) and much more problems I never had, caused me by doctors. 

I love Hulda Clark I continue her advises. (nobody care I am alive or not but only Dr.Clark )

Of cause I believe she deserved to get Nobel Prize long ago when she was alive.

May she rest in peace.

Thornhill, Canada

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