Dear Cristina,

Thank you for your inspiring testimony.

I never met Dr Clark in person but I have taken advantage of the liver cleanse many times and I have done also the first time the kidney and liver herbal programs in 98 in the USA.

I have not felt much with the kidney program but the liver herbal program had been very strong. 

Coming back to France it has been very difficult to find some dentists to do what Dr Clark advised in her books...

Do you know any dentist or MD in France who understand and apply her protocols. Or in Holland and Germany where I might have to go sometime in the near future? 

I would also appreciate to know how much these possible therapists charge for a consultation with the hope that they work in the same spirit as Mrs Clark as you mention unselfishly...  I mention that point because I have also dedicated my life in that way since thirty years and I don't have much money...

I have forwarded the other message announcing Dr Clark departure received yesterday to more than hundred people.

Thank you for prolonging Dr Clark teachings!


PS: I must tell you one thing. I came with a zapper that a friend constructed for me following Dr Clark's instruction and I showed it to friend who has subtle perceptions. He said that it is good for the physical body, it can kill parasites as described in Dr Clark Research but according to what he felt: it affects the subtle bodies! (astral, causal etc)

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