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Who was Dr. Clark

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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

The zapper is a therapy device, invented by Dr. Clark and is known worldwide. It kills small microorganisms such as parasites and gives energy to our white blood cells. To find out more about zapper go here:


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food.


All about the powerful effects of the cleanses, developed by Dr. Hulda Clark

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Diseases And Protocols

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Doctor, I was having a colon problem left side at the rib area. An MD told me it was a colon problem and a ND told me the same. I tried their solution for 3 months to no avail.

I re-read your book on the cure for all diseases and zapped myself 3 times on the 2nd day of zapping I passed a worm, black with a little purple coloring, and looked as if it were segmented. The worm was 9 inches long but I only got 60% of it, the other 40% sunk into the sewer. The next day I passed about a 3 inch worm that I assume was the last part of the first worm. This was all done with the Zapper only. I then started on the herbal stuff but continued to zap for 9 more days. No more worms, but the area around my heart had a little pain for a few more days but they are gone completely and I have no more pain in my colon area. I am 71 and a health nut.

I take care of my 92 year old mother and have been zapping her and doing a herb cleans too. I go slowly with her. She is NOW taking no drugs,

I started backing her off of these doctor prescribed stuff 1 March 04. A thing you might be interested in is EFA really mellowed her out. I also have her on
oral EDTA.

No one thought she would be alive a month or out of her wheel chair.

She uses a walker and her brain seems to be coming back.

Thanks for inventing the Zapper.


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