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As you may recall I do a lot of travel for mission work to all six continents. A couple years ago I sent you some testimonies from Uganda of the healings as a result of the Zappers we sent to the ministers there. I just came back from meetings in Congo where three ministers from Uganda testified of many, many healings of  Malaria, Gastroenteritis, and many other diseases with the Zappers. The two testimonies that stuck in my mind the most were these:

1 man who had been paralyzed in his left left for 5 years and not able to walk. After only two zappings he was able to walk again.

And a small child was brought by its mother. This child had a swollen belly and could not eat. The belly was very hard and so they gave it colloidal silver. Sometime later that child began throwing up and many, many worms came out in the vomit. The childs sweelling went away and it could eat again.

In Bolvia last August, I met a a little girl of 12 years old who had a swollen lower lip that was full of pus sacks. She had visited 11 doctors over the four year period and no one could diagnose what she had.

She was taken out of school and not allowed to play with the children at school for four years. The school system was afraid that she might be contageous. I gave a Zapper to a local nurse and she treated the child with the zapper, colloidal silver and sav.

Three days later when I was leaving the La Paz airport, the family came to see me with their little girl. Her lip was no longer swollen, the infection was gone and there remained only a few small scabs. She smiled from ear to ear, and that made my whole trip.

May God bless Doctor Clark and your organization for all its wonderful work for God's children everywhere.

“Rev. BK”

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