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I am a cancer patient who currently is being treated at The University of Pennsylvania.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my left breast was removed in November along with 14 infected lymph nodes.

Following the surgery I progressively became worse.  I had trouble bending and walking up and down steps.  I had great trouble with my hip.  On New Years Eve I bent over to plug in some lights and cracked two ribs.  I spent four days in the hospital in bed because the docs were afraid that I may crack my spine or neck.  My bones were so brittle.

Through an MRI it was discovered the the cancer had spread to my bones.  I also had a tumor in my sacrum.  The hips and sacrum were radiated for 10 days.  No chemotherapy was suggested, and I had not intention of going this route anyway.  I was told that I had three years to live and they could only try to give me a good quality of life until then.

I got worse and became quite immobile.  I had trouble getting up and down, could not bend and any movement caused severe pain.  The radiation did help with my mobility but I still was not completely mobile.  I chose not to take pain meds and try to fight this thing that apparently was growing worse.

I go to the hospital once a month for a bone infusion and take Arimidex at night to stop the Estrogen since my cancer is Estrogen positive.  Last month I was studying Astrology at Princeton when I bumped into a woman I knew from my Astrology organization.  What a sweet soul she is.  They say that you never know how your angel will appear but I believe she is mine.  When she heard of my health problems she sent me your book, the Zapper and a bottle of stomach enzymes that she claims helps after zapping.  I immediately ordered the Parasite Killing Program.

Those who know me and see me daily cannot believe how I can bend over now and function normally.  Tomorrow I will see my Oncologist and he is preparing to send me for Physical Therapy because my left arm was in such bad shape.  I can now lift with the arm and lean on it.  Physical Therapy is no longer needed.  The shocking part about all of this is that my apparent recovery has taken place in about a week and a half.  Can this be possible?

I've never believed that I was going to die from this and my reaction when I was diagnosed is that I have been given this problem to help and teach others how to help themselves.  My gynocologist tells me that breast cancer is now at an epidemic stage.  Everyone knows someone who has it. I will keep you up on my progress and thank you for your research beyond that of the medical establishment.

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