Directory of Dr.Clark Information Center

The following directory consists of syncrometer testers, therapists, dentists and other professionals. Being on this directory does not mean that they use exclusively the Clark therapy. Also it does not mean that they are necessarily testing with the Syncrometer or using any specific part of the Clark therapy. The description is the one we received from each professional. Some professionals are MDs that are allowed to diagnose and treat; others are nutritionists or naturopaths that render their relevant services, while still others are simply Syncrometer-Testers. Therapists that are also Syncrometer Testers and vice-versa will show on both lists.

Disclaimer: There is no quality control from our side. The individuals on this list act on their own behalf and we do not take any responsibility for their actions.

If you would like to be included in the list, please use our submission form or contact us if you have had any good or bad experiences with the professionals on this list.

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