Thank you so much for the information. I did the Liver flush last night sure had a lot of stone's. Thank you so much for helping me. I plan to do Liver flush in 2 weeks again.

I had a lot of large and small tan no green ones and a lot of slush. Could not believe how much I had. I had a gallbladder surgery in the 60's and they took out gallbladder and stone's did not know they would be able to form again but they never gave me troubles but thought I would do the Liver flush any way so I was very surprised.

Thank you so much. Now I know what to do I will keep doing this and tell all to go to your web site.

When I went to Dr. last month to see why all the pain I was having, they told me it showed I had a lot of calcium so they thought maybe stones. But they never gave me any medicine to rid my self or tell me how, so I was so thankful for your web site.

Lord Bless you for helping me.


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