Diabetic Recovery

Fw: Fasting readings

I am passing this on to you. This client has been working diligently for many months now - I can estimate his recovery of diabetes to be within 85% to 95% - could even be considered to be 100% recovery if in fact he does ok with only a small fraction of the oral meds and continues going completely off - I am thinking he can go totally off, but not 100% sure....All signs are that he can. His blood work and tests have been good - with no apparent diabetic complications at all.

Over the months he's had numerous normal fasting sugars, some pre-program sugars were in the 140-160 range even with taking two prescription RX diabetes medications...

It is clients who speak (email me) with me weekly that attain these high recoveries, because I can adjust/change their protocols, etc., give support, answer questions, argue with them, etc...

I just love it when we reverse "non-reversable conditions" - Dr. Clark is a
genius 100 fold. "Medicine and science" is disgusting.
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