I was able to talk with my brother this past weekend.  It was T M and his mom (didn't get her name) that were an inspiration to my brother and his wife.  T did live in California.  While my brother was working through things with his son, they were all in close contact.  As my nephew got well, and the family didn't need as much encouragement, they began communicating less.  The last communication from the M family was that they were going to move.  After they moved they never contacted my brother again.  My brother tried a little to get in touch with them, to no avail.  He's going to put some more effort into it since our conversation.

Perhaps, if we are unable to find the M, my brother's son's story would be a good replacement.  From what I understand, they are almost identical situations and results.  I could only give you some of the story.  My brother would be able to relate things much better.  The simplicity of it was that my 2-year-old (at the time) nephew had a grand mal (sp?) seizure.

It lead to more and eventually 100s of drop seizures a day.  The established medical profession would have had him on medication the rest of his life and it still wouldn't have completely stopped the seizures.  It got to the place where my nephew had to wear a football helmet all day to keep from bruising up his face from all the drop seizures.

Once they had gotten the final "word" from the doctors, his parents were devastated.  It was my sister-in-law who sat down the next day and just started crying.  She finally realized it was no good to sit and cry.  She decided to get up and take some action.  She got on the Internet and started searching.  She found the story about T M and contacted them.  They learned of Dr. Clark's work and started doing the same things that were done for T plus a couple other things.

At one point, Dr. Clark wanted to see some of the records of my nephew (this was probably 3 years ago).  The result is that my nephew has been totallyseizure free for over 2 years and is back to living a normal life.  We all attribute the deliverance first to God and that God got them to the knowledge needed to bring full and complete healing. 

And it was Dr. Clark's work that opened the way for this.

Thank you for continuing to do everything in your power to make things available.


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