Could you please pass this on to E R, I will be more than happy to relay the incident my friend had with his diabetes problem and would be happy to share with anyone the experiences I have had through this wonderful knowledge that Dr. Clark has shared with us.

This email is in regards to your question about the diabetes program, though myself, I am not familiar with the program I can relay to you the experience my friend/co-worker had with his diabetes problem. We are both truck drivers and he had heard of my experiences with herbal cleanses and how they had made me feel better after a few years of intense misery. He explained to me that he was almost diabetic and was afraid he would not be able to drive over the road anymore and also that he had not been feeling very well. I suggested that he try the herbal parasite cleaning program and then a liver cleanse after that. During the weeks of his herbal parasite cleaning program he said he was not feeling any better. I explained to him that what he was doing was killing off the parasites and bad bacteria within his body and to continue through with the herbal parasite cleansing program, after he was done with that, then do a liver cleanse. He finished the parasite program and finally did the liver cleanse. After the iver cleanse he said he felt FANTASTIC and that his testing for diabetes had dropped from 150 down to 105.

There is a sad note to this also. That has been about a year ago since he did his cleansing but he has not been keeping up with it and has been returning to the way he felt before. Though it is returning slowly I can see the change in him as it progresses and I try to urge him back into cleansing again without trying to overstep my bounds by being pushy. He states he doesn’t have the time available to do the cleanses. That’s the thing about parasites and bad bacteria in our bodies, they don’t stop because we only do one cleanse.

Their job is to find a host and to survive in that host as long as they can. I have been doing cleanses now for 2.5 years already and because my lifestyle hasn’t changed, over worked and eating {Fast Foods} and drinking {sodas} the way I shouldn’t, I do know that until I can find a better career/lifetyle for myself, cleansing will forever be a part of my life. I am very grateful to Dr. Hulda Clark for sharing her findings with us, so that we can make a decision for ourselves to make our general wellness of being much better for our family and friends.


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