I am delighted to add such life supporting critical information to the Clark Enterprise. Mathias Rath discovered the mechanism used by cancer cells to metastasize. They don't float in the serum, they carve a path through tissue by emitting an enzyme much like a machete lets you travel through thick forest(jungle). Stop, or neutralize this enzyme with sodium ascorbate + large doses of lysine + a Green Tea extract called gallaxxxx something and you halt the spread of the bad cells.

Dr Hulda should investigate this immediately.

Rath has a research facility in California and a good presence on the WEB.

The entire cholesterol syndrome is factually opposite to reality. The component that actually causes what is incorrectly labeled cardiovascular disease, and heart disease, is lipoprotein (a). This fat operates to save you from bleeding to death in minutes by acting as a vitamin C surrogate to plug cracks in the aorta and surrounding arteries that appear when the smooth cell linings grow old and brittle without a steady replacement.

This takes just 3 days. The endotheliol cells. Without the large dose of vit C (sodium ascorbate) and L-cysteine to replace the tired, old cells, cracks appear from the repeated flexing with each heart beat.

The breaks in the lining trigger the attraction of the lipoprotein (a) patching plaster. Eventually enough gunk accumulates at the flexing areas so that the vessel goes rigid. That's angina. It is also clot blockage from inflexibility. Presto: heart attack and stroke.

The mutation many millions of years ago that deprives humans and primates of homemade vitamin C had to be supplemented by Nature in some way to prevent pediatric scurvy or the species wouldn't last past one more generation.

Hence, artery hardening over decades to keep you alive long enough to keep the species going.

You want long life? For starters, you need to service your pulsing pipes. That there is some verifiable anti-cancer effect at the same time without extra charge is just frosting on the cake. I think that if you meld Clark, Rath, and the insulin and leptin metabolism guru Ron Rosedale  www.rosedalemetabolics.com together along with the dietary information at www.eatwild.com and www.westonaprice.org you have a running chance at good health for a long time.


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