Just want to let you know that I was reading up some more on the herpes virus and what to do to help it.  I saw where the patient must use 1 cayenne capsule and 8 lysine tablets along with zapping.

I managed to get a zapper made and she started to zap. I only could have gotten some cayenne capsules, so we worked with the two zap and 1 capsule for 2 days.  I am happy to say that yesterday “E” was up and about all day with slight pains in the head.  She slept fine last night and got up this morning feeling much much better, so I gave her 2 more cayenne capsules instead of one.

Could you say what the dosage with the cayenne should be and for how long? (I didn't notice for how long it should be taken).

I will let her do the flush during the week as she is now much stronger to handle it.  Also go back on the parasite programme when we receive the products, which should be about next week.

I also explained to her to go to her dentist and have her teeth checked, but she has no cavity nor fillings, but just in case she might have an infection where it can't be seen except by x-ray.

I will try to procure the colloidal silver as I doubt whether it can be had here, but will continue using the cayenne in the meantime as this seems to have achieved some results.

David, thanks again for your kind co-operation and I now feel much better seeing my sister laughing again without pain.

God Bless.


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