Dear Dr. Clark Association:

Please don't give up!  I can totally relate to the "spirit-busters" that are out there!  They are out there to sabotage that which is truthful and spiritual.  That is their purpose.  Our's, however, needs to be to tell the truth in spite of their ignorance and stupidity and self-serving purposes.

I encounter this, sometimes on a daily basis, in my work as well.  There were times that I almost wavered from my mission, but the strength of the true always seems to rejuvenate those moments.

I would just like to close from saying thank-you.  At first, yes, some of these were a little far-fetched, even for me!  However, I took the leap of faith and started with your zapper.

I have been struggling with emphysema for years.  This is the first summer I did not end up in the hospital or on breathing treatments!  This is the first time I have off prednesone for some time now!  Something happened!!!

In any event, please make sure you keep me on your mailing/web list.  I am an advocate of your products. 

And don't worry, everyone thought Christopher Columbus was crazy too! See, no one fell off the earth!


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