I thought you would be happy to know my mother's swelling is down, her bp is still high in the mornings, but we are reducing it by holding some acupressure points on her feet and putting in energy. 

We are also using foot cleanse pads that draw toxins out through her feet at night.  Her UTI is almost gone (we used the kidney program 3 times).  Her diverticulitis is calmed (I have been giving her flax oil enemas, since I could not get all the ingredients you sent me for the fennel cleanse), no stomach aches, her mind feels clearer and she much happier than when she arrived two weeks ago!

She is off 3 medications: Protonics for her stomach, Trazadone for sleeping, and the Alzheimer's med (she ran out and since her mind feels so much clearer is going to stay off)!

We started her on the diverticulitis program yesterday, duration today and arthritis tomorrow. 

Things are going incredibly well!  I can't thank you enough for all you've done.

Mahalo nui loa....with grateful thanks,


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