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Here is a copy of the email that I have forwarded.  Thanks for all of the good work.  I appreciate being able to see my dad basically come back to life.

Please keep him alive.  My dad is a diabetic, has COPD, 100% oxygen dependent, has high blood pressure and was not expected to live much longer.

After being on the program myself and seeing how much better I feel, I asked my dad to try Dr. Clark's advice.  He agreed to the kidney cleanse, the liver cleanse and a parasite cleanse. 

He has cut his diabetic medicine in half, goes several hours every day breathing completely on his own, no longer takes any blood pressure medicine.  The oxygen level in his blood currently stays between 97 and 98.  His blood sugar is now staying between 114 - 134.  He is now walking everyday and living life to the fullest.  Not bad for someone of 72 years old.

He is also drinking 2 - 5 glasses of fresh juice (thanks to the Jack La Lane juicer) everyday also.

Without the information that Dr. Clark provides, I honestly do not think that my dad would have lived much longer.  I know that what he is doing hurts the doctors and prescription drug profits, however, health is so much more important.

His lung doctor actually told him to keep up whatever he is doing because he is making so much progress.

Thanks for listening and I hope you do the right thing!!


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