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Thanks for your greatly substantive response to my call for help. I have all of HC's books including the lab manual, so I should have found Herpes on my own. Here is what my wife did to nip the herpes (non-vaginal) in the bud with just two days of serious distress.

15 grams of true vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) every 6 hours or sooner plus 1 gram of L-lysine, and 120mg of Co-enzyme Q10 each time. And one 40mg zinc gluconate tab per day.

It greatly loosened her stool with 60 grams of C per day, but it apparently halted the progression of the attack. Just a dozen tiny itchy red spots with two nearly flat, but painful blisters. All on her left side from her earlobe to her thigh.  All has subsided now on the 4th day. No further itch or eruptions. This should be submitted to David and Hulda. “P” eats only organic eggs, grass fed  and finished beef, and steamed cabbage plus sardines and tuna. An extremely simple but clean diet. That helped.

Real vitamin C: one teaspoon of acorbic acid powder + 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (baking powder) + 6-8 ounces of distilled water= 4 grams of sodium ascorbate which is real vitamin C. A heaping teaspoon of powder = 5 grams.

I cured my professionally diagnosed cardiovascular disease with severe angina in  September 2004 , a year ago, with sodium ascorbate + lysine at 15 grams per day in 3 doses with 6 g of lysine over the same 3 times.

Google Mathias Rath, MD for the whole story. He and Linus Pauling have a patent in US for the cure of cardiovascular disease.

I used his patent to effectuate my cure for less than $100 over a 6 week period. I am now heart attack and stroke protected by ridding myself of sub-clinical scurvy which causes both, including especially, adult sudden death syndrome.

I am on maintenance now : 10 g +1 g lysine per day.


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