I've completed at least ten or eleven liver cleanses. (I stopped counting.) It was on the 8th or 9th that my allergies finally disappeared.

I had been on allergy medications for years. I still get triggered with certain types of perfumes -mild allergy and severe migraine. Perhaps, like the allergies, there will a point where the migraines just go away.

Ironically, I've cleansed and fasted since I was 18 (28 years), and a friend of mine who has a syncrometer tells me I have insignificant levels when he tests me.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's around 8 years ago and also carry the herpes virus, which gets triggered very easily. I believe my hormone levels trigger the migraines and the herpes.

Natural progesterone and colostrum has helped tremendously. I began taking B2, but admittedly gave up -perhaps too soon. I will try again based on your reminder.



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