Hi. thank you Dr. Clark for all your research and help.

I have had my life saved by alternative care starting last December. My last physician who I am scared of, heard about my IBS, etc. and said with the long list of my ailments "we should just shoot you".

It was the lowest point in my life. I sat there in the medical clinic in despair.

When I went home with only a prescription for IBS I was so sad.

I am only 34 yrs old. I said out loud… my life is for nothing.

I was so weak all my life with allergies that I have never had a strong enough immune system to fight.  Somehow God orchestrated that I see “J” in Mission, BC. who orders through you and follows a lot of the books.

She saw me and tested with Kinesiology and body talk.

I had parasites then she turned to a page in your book and showed me the hookworms. Yuck. It has been 7 months but I am so happy to feel and think clearer. I am still on a raz cap cleanse until October with her.

She helped me and so did you. I just wanted you to know I think of you often and will always have gratitude in my heart for you my dear Hulda.

love "C" ,
age 34yrs, married with one son, age 6 yrs.



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