I am appalled to see the arrest. I am friends of someone who worked for Dr. D. He has narrowly escaped arrest more than once too.

I built a zapper about 5 years ago and cured myself of chronic fatigue syndrome. Since I have made them for several people at no charge to help them. One fellow had hay fever and got over it almost 100%.

Please tell Dr. Clark that I know she has probably done more to cure diseases than any other human in the 20th century.

Although she will likely never get credit for putting the icing on the cake of all Dr. Abrams,  Rife's research and many others since, she is hero to many (thinkers) in the world today.

As in so many other cases like this it will likely never go to court. They know they cannot win but the harassment goes on.

The pharmaceuticals have cracked their whip again.

Good Luck

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