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I discovered the Cure for All Diseases two years ago and it has completely changed the way I live.

I have done the kidney cleanse and liver cleanse four times, and even got my once sceptical father to do the same. I've completely changed the way I eat, cook, shop, clean, bathe, etc., so as to avoid both parasites and pollution. I was lucky enough to discover Dr. Clark's book when I was only 19 years old. Many people discover Dr. Clark's treatment while facing chronic illness. I, however, am using the Cure for All Diseases as preventive medicine.

For the past two years that I have been following the advice of the Cure for All Diseases, I have not caught one cold, one flu, one ear infection, one bladder infection, or any of the illnesses I suffered from at least once a year. From the time I was six years old, I suffered from one to two bladder infections a year. The doctors always prescribed antibiotics. This temporary cure left me vulnerable to Candida infection of the skin. The kidney cleanse and a reduction in phosphate consumption has cured me of this problem, without weakening my immune system.

The overall effect of adopting a lifestyle based on the concepts of the Cure for All Diseases has had a more profound effect than I can begin to explain. Here is a list of the positive changes I've noticed which I accredit to Dr. Clark:

increase in energy level, decrease in fatigue, decrease in PMS and menstrual cramping,
elimination of headaches, decreased shoulder pain, improved digestion and elimination of food, improved sleep,
improved urination, clearer and less rashy skin,
more manageable hair, healthier fingernails, less sensitive teeth, less sensitive breasts.

You'll notice many of the things I've mentioned are cosmetic, but I believe appearance is a sign of health. Since I've been following Dr. Clark's method of self health I have gotten more compliments on how healthy and beautiful I look than any other time in my life, even childhood. I thank her for the happiness she has brought me.

Sincerely,  AC

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