I am one of those who have benefited from Hulda Clark's work.

Great harm has been done to me by American doctors. They are hamstrung by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, hospital boards, the AMA, and others in such a way that they no longer provide quality medical care.

This has caused me to look elsewhere for medical help for my own condition. After many years of making use of alternative medicine I came across Hulda Clark's books. I can honestly say that I have not found fault with any of the recommendations which I have been able to personally make use of.

Over the last couple of years my respect for Hulda Clark has grown. In my opinion she is of the stature of Linus Pauling.

I have a type of Chronic Fatigue and a condition similar to Chron's disease.

The information provided by Hulda in one of her books resulted in my first "remission" from this debilitating condition. For that I bless her whenever I think of her.


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