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The purpose of this correspondence is to defend Dr. Hulda Clark as a viable and much-needed force in the medical profession today. Isn't the recent advent of "managed care" a cry for a reduction in health care costs?

Then Dr. Clark should be put on a pedestal, not in jail!!!

Why is it that one in three American adults used "unorthodox therapies" in 1990? Why were more visits (425,000) made to unconventional therapists compared to 338,000 visits to general physicians? (New England Journal of Medicine, 1993). The answer is simple when you conduct a situational analysis.

Allopaths (or Western medical physicians-MDs) are not trained like Naturopaths. They have different schools of thought altogether! And, there exists a chasm between them. The goal is to work "in complement," or cooperatively, to solve patients' particular situational problems. This requires taking real time with a patient, not rushing them through an appointment, giving them a prescription for a pharmaceutical drug to mask their symptoms only to have them return worse off later on. This is repeat business, however.

I put Dr. Hulda Clark in her own category, acting as a bridge between the two chasms. She has not only taken the practical, situational analysis approach to medical problems using sound research (as is done in Western medicine), but she is also using innovative, fast-acting, noninvasive, nonviolent, methods to heal really sick people (as is done in Naturopathic medicine). The results Dr. Clark has experienced with patients are unsurpassed!

My own experience with naturopathic methods of healing spans my lifetime (47 years) in pursuit of a rare medical condition with which I was born. My situation includes a condition called "monilethrix." In essence, my body does not produce keratin protein, of which our hair and fingernails are mostly made. However, only two years ago, a naturopathic healer, a massage therapist, revealed to me that keratin also produces a moisture barrier in the skin that helps the body to "ward off" the absorption of environmental toxins into the body. Immediately, I was able to explain an episode I had at an employer, a printing company, where I worked for five years.

An environmental engineer told me that it is the solvents used in a printing company environment that are extremely harmful to human beings. After five years, I became chronically fatigued, my hair was in a much poorer condition and I just didn't feel well. I went to several doctors who were not able to help me. They told me I was "crazy."

Having studied several disciplines about taking care of one's health (homeopathy, herbology, vitamins, minerals, etc.) all of my life, I instinctively knew that my body was toxic and I needed to do something fast, or I was going to die or at least be a disabled burden on society.

With the help of a friend, who is also from the graphic arts arena and an herbalist, was able to help me. First, we cleansed my body, using an intestinal cleanse of a various combined herbs and a parasite cleanse, designed to kill off any unwanted parasites. Then, we used a regimen of strengthening herbs, vitamins and minerals to strengthen the weakened organs and glands that were attacked by the parasites.

I started feeling better almost immediately! However, my left ear clogged, meaning I couldn't hear out of that ear. The herbalist suggested "ear candling." This is an ancient Egyptian healing practice of cleansing the sinus tract also connected to the Eustachian tube. My experience was incredible!  I "vacuumed out" some of the largest worms from my respiratory system. I never had a more unsavory yet relieving experience in my life.

In three months, using "unorthodox" yet effective therapies, my health, my balance, my homeostasis, was restored and I could go on with my life in a normal fashion without suffering.

It was after this healing experience that I read about Dr. Clark. In a short article, Dr. Clark validated what I did to heal myself. Since then, I have been an avid follower. I would, ideally, like to become a naturopathic physician and use her methods and research in a healing practice, however, I lack the funding. All the medical scholarships available are for allopathic medicine, not naturopathic medicine, which I find onerous.

In my opinion, Dr. Hulda Clark is a savior not a criminal. If the judge in her case is a reasoning, intelligent human being, she or he will conduct a situational analysis and realize that we human beings are as organic as the plants and other animals on this planet and we cannot withstand the toxic substances we, in industry, have created. This is particularly true after the industrial age. We are currently well-entrenched in the information age. Cancer rates are on the rise, as are health care costs. Dr. Clark research has revealed very practical and useful information for the medical profession.

If you are wise, you will release her and allow her to teach the medical profession her theories, which are logical, practical, and effective

Our society can then go on to live healthy, productive and useful lives without the burdens, COSTS and anxieties that an ineffective medical system provides. Not only has Dr. Clark devoted her entire life to her profession, she has given us a tremendous gift!

In closing, I ask, "Who considers naturopathic medicine unorthodox?"

Only American, Western medical practitioners. There are other, older schools of medicine to include: Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, Native American. In fact, medicine was once more natural. It is only a capitalistic, 20th century society that has made medicine into the corrupt, perverted, expensive and overly complex system that it now is.

It says nothing for our society to have arrested Dr. Clark. It is "stupid and ignorant" people who do not understand the brilliant mind of a true doctor who have initiated the action to arrest her!

It is with great sorrow that I write this letter of testimony. I once had a dream that I would someday be able to study under Dr. Clark. Now that you have put her in jail, my dreams and the hopes of those who would be helped by her, are put on hold until you release her.

All people afflicted by cancer, AIDS/HIV, diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other common maladies should be protesting Dr. Clark's arrest and should be fighting for her release!

Let her go on to save lives.



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